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North Cyprus IVF

North Cyprus Infertility Clinic – a little bit about what they do…

Infertility burdens 1 in 5 couples. At North Cyprus Fertility Clinic, we have given thousands of patients the gift of fertility. Our doctors understand the emotional hardships that accompany infertility problems. Therefore, we work hands on with our patients to diagnose the problem and utilize the best treatment for individual cases.

North Cyprus Fertility Clinic comprises of highly qualified infertility specialists who work each day to advance treatments and give patients the child they desire. Not only are we the oldest infertility clinic in North Cyprus, but we have the very first donation center in the Turkish world. Our services also include a research institute that continually improves our success rates and certainly keeps them above regional averages.

At North Cyprus Fertility Clinic, we advocate a strong patient- doctor relationship. If we do not answer every question or address every concern, we want to know. Patients can expect the latest technology as well as custom made IVF treatment protocols specialized for every patient.

Among others, our treatments include genetic testing and gender selection, treatments not allowed in certain countries. As a result, we are accustomed to treating international patients. A stone’s throw from Ercan International Airport, North Cyprus Infertility clinic is an easy destination for international travelers. In addition to infertility testing, diagnosing and treatment, we provide our patients with airport pick-up and local transportation to facilitate your journey.

Our clinic is located in the heart of Nicosia, North Cyprus’ capital city. Nicosia is the largest city in North Cyprus that also represents the economic, political and cultural center of the region. While undergoing treatment, patients can simultaneously explore the rich culture and natural beauty that characterize the region.


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